Beef Stroganoff!

Yay for this dish!
Cheap to make and so good!

Morningtsar Steak Strips, cooked in a pan, set to the side
I sauteed 1 chopped onion and a good amount of chopped mushroom and lots of chopped garlic in a butter, olive oil mixture.
cooked until soft and added flour to it to make a roux. I always guess with this. You can have a whisk handy and add more later. The I added Better Than Chicken buillon to it and added water to make a broth. Any vegetable broth will do.
Added some extra seasonings like sea salt, pepper, garlic powder.
Cook over medium high heat until it starts to bubble and thicken.
Add to pasta. Add in beef strips
Stir, then add vegan sour cream to taste.
I used no-egg "egg" noodles

One of my new favorite dishes

The usual

If you have not noticed the trend yet, we eat a lot of broccoli and asparagus. The boy is picky about his veggie dishes. If the main thing is a veggie, he's particular. I'm trying to get more creative with it.

Mini Pizzas

These were so great.

Pizza dough topped with red sauce, broccoli, onion, olive oil, pepperoni, lots of spices, and some vegan Parmesan cheese.

I really don't know why these were so good, but they certainly, certainly were.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese with onion. Im pretty sure I used tofutti cheese slices on this one.
My new favorite thing to do with grilled cheese is add olive oil to the pan along with the buttered bread. Actually, I normally don't use the butter at all anymore with this sandwich.
And when he makes it for me, he adds veganaise.

Plus, sandwiches made by someone else for you always taste better.
Yep, its a fact.

Tofu Sammie

Real basic tofu sandwich
Firm tofu baked with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, little bit of soy sauce, some spices
Served on wheat bread with lettuce, onion, and veganaise.

a favorite.

Creole Tofu/ Dirty Rice

This was an awesome meal except he got sick and we had to go see a doctor before he could even eat his! There was so much love in this meal too.

Creole Tofu- So simple and great.
Just slice firm/extra firm tofu, press with paper towel or freeze if thats how you like it.  Heat up some oil in a pan, coat tofu in cornstarch, toss in the pan and add a creole seasoning to them. You can add the seasoning any way you like, I tend to do it while they are cooking but there is a lot of loose seasoning that can build up in the pan. I should probably just add it to the tofu before I throw it in the pan.
It turns out crisp and as seasoned as your want.

Then a dirty rice mix I added Soyrizo too. Really good stuff, dont know how it compares to the real thing though, but its good all the same.

Some fried okra
and a biscuit.

Maybe I will add some more healthy things in the next meal.